Fighting Piracy One Machete at a Time

You know that problem with piracy in Somalia the media no longer reports on? Well it’s still a problem, they just aren’t reporting it. In fact those zany pirates are still hijacking ships, and world leaders are still saying we can’t arm the crews of these ships. Well that didn’t stop 40 Egyptian fishermen from arming themselves and fucking some pirates up.

Although guns are always preferable they aren’t the only weapons that can be used as the story states:

A wounded pirate, found on a beach with machete wounds, said the crew attacked him and his colleagues with tools and then seized their weapons.

Machete wounds, ouch. Those Egyptians must have been hard core to be carrying machetes on board, good on them. But see how armed resistance works? You beat up or kill the people meaning to bring harm to you (If an armed force is invading your home, or in this case ship, you can safely assume they mean to do you harm) then you take their weapons if they are better then what you have. I love this part:

He said that at least two pirates died before the crew sailed towards waters patrolled by international navies.

That’s two pirates that won’t be harming anybody else in the future. If all the ships going into that area were armed properly I think we’d see a huge decline in piracy in the region. The pirates currently understand that most of the ships are unarmed and hence hijacking them is fairly low risk and easy. Since there is such a chance to make major money for little risk they keep pirating. Increase the risk and it doesn’t seem as profitable.