Who Cares so Long as Our Dog Isn’t in the Fight

I’m sure you’ve already heard about the veritable shit storm hitting the gun blogs today as the NRA pulled it’s opposition of the DISCLOSE Act. Well they made an official statement stating they are a single-issue organization and this issue isn’t their issue. Needless to say this has created somewhat of a rift between the NRA and many of it’s members.

Sebastian says this is OK being the NRA is a single-issue organization. Robb made an analogy regarding how only fighting for a single issue can not win your the fight, even on that single issue. Sailor Curt lays it out that the NRA doesn’t seem to care since they have an exemption everybody else can fend for themselves. Alan brings up the fact issues don’t exist in vacuums all to themselves.

Well I love giving my opinion on things so here it is. The NRA fucked up big time here. With all due respect (never mind when anybody says that it’s instantly followed by a lack of respect) regard to the fact the NRA does the most when it comes to fighting for the right to keep and bear arms they are being juvenile and idiotic with this. I agree with the general sentiment that the NRA is more than happy to drop this issue now that they no longer have to worry much about it. More or less they went from fighting this bill as a crusade against the freedom of speech to a “single-issue organization” that only has focus on the second amendment. That’s just plain short sighted and dirty.

Let me make an analogy since they’re fun. Let’s say you and two friends get into a fight with four other people. The reason for the fight is irrelevant but you are outnumbered and stand less than a 50/50 chance of winning. You’re one of the larger and more capable fighters in your little group of three and the opposition want you out of the fight. To that end they make you an offer, they will not pursue you to kick your ass if you leave right now. If you leave you may save yourself an ass whoopin’ but your two buddies are going to be even more unlikely to escape without a few broken bones. What do you do? Personally I’d stand with my two friends if for no other reason than someday I may need their assistance and abandoning them now is not going to motivate them to help me later.

The NRA is a powerhouse in Washington D.C. They have a lot of weight and thus clout with the people on Capital Hill. By pulling out they abandoned other pro-rights organizations and their own members who happen to be members of those other groups that will still be affected by this legislation. Those other groups and those members will remember this and are likely going to be less than cooperative with the NRA in the future should they need help.

All they had to do was keep opposing this legislation. That’s it. Really other organizations could do the lobbying while the NRA could have been in it name only. But they second they were cut a deal they cut out of the opposition. Classy.

Basically they fucked up and I’m joining those who are calling them on it in the hopes they do better in the future.

2 thoughts on “Who Cares so Long as Our Dog Isn’t in the Fight”

  1. “Let’s say you and two friends get into a fight with four other people.”

    Let’s say that the two alleged friends aren’t. If you just expect your bigger friend to take on all the fights and take care of all expenses and you just want to ride the wagon without contributing, you are not a friend. You are a freeloader.

    The NRA gave everybody a shot across the bow: Put up or face irrelevancy. I am tired that my meager contributions go to everybody’s benefit while they call NRA all kinds of names and then try to hide behind the “rights are for everybody” meme.

    Those huffing and puffing and yelling No Compromise are mostly loaded with bull but so thin on actual contributions to the problem. What were they doing when this bill was being discussed? Comfortably asleep betting that the NRA was going to do their bidding?
    They shouldn’t complain. They got what they paid for.

    1. Well in this particular case the thing that irritates me about the NRA’s reaction was this wasn’t some random fight everybody is asking them to get involved in. This legislation directly targeted organizations such as the NRA and the NRA was more than willing to fight it until they were given an out.

      It sends a bad message by saying they are willing to fight something only until they are given an exemption. It’s not really a compromise at this point but a willingness to step away from a fight involving everybody in your group (lobbyist organizations) the second you are given special permission. Let everybody else be damned. It’s a great short term solution but it’s a horrible long term solution. What happens when a congressman tries to pass an amendment at a later date taking away the NRA’s exemption? Nobody is going to help the NRA fight against it since the NRA pretty much abandoned the other organizations when they got their exemption.

      Of course I’m saying all of this as a paying, and proud, member of the NRA. I have direct interest in this organization by being a member and am asking they think things through a little further in the future. I don’t really get why people not in the NRA are complaining a whole lot being it’s not an organization they have any financial interest in. It’s relevant to state reasons like this is why they either left the NRA or never became a member but certainly they really don’t have to say much beyond that.

      I’m still a happy member but am never one to avoid giving criticism where I feel it’s due.

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