That’s Why Mubarak Stuck Around So Long

As those of you who read this site Friday know I was a little confused on why Mubarak was trying to cling to his power when so many people wanted him out. Well a potential reason could be he was trying to move all that money the United States government has been giving him before he left office:

Hosni Mubarak used the 18 days it took for protesters to topple him to shift his vast wealth into untraceable accounts overseas, Western intelligence sources have said.

How much money you ask? Quite a bit:

The former Egyptian president is accused of amassing a fortune of more than £3 billion – although some suggest it could be as much as £40 billion – during his 30 years in power. It is claimed his wealth was tied up in foreign banks, investments, bullion and properties in London, New York, Paris and Beverly Hills.

Much of that came from the American tax payers because our country likes to fund dictators and call it foreign aid. I think Ron Paul put it well when he said “Foreign aid is taking money from the poor people of rich counties and giving it to the rich people of poor countries.”