Walmart Bringing Guns Back

Unlike a large number of people I know I personally have nothing against Walmart. Walmart got to where they are today without exploitation of government regulations to push out their competition which means as far as I’m concerned they got to where they are through legitimate methods. It seems the people running Walmart have decided to bring guns back to many of their locations. I chose this specific news article because the author gets one point right:

Why does the same store that sells baby clothes and books like Organic Gardening for the 21st Century think its customers will want rifles, shotguns, and ammunition? Because Americans love guns. And Walmart thinks they can sell them to us.

Whether you like Walmart or hate them they got to where they are today by doing one thing; they offer products that people want for prices people are willing to pay. Yes they use their clout to strong arm suppliers into providing goods at a price Walmart wants to pay but that’s how business works. This part is kind of funny:

The retailer is already the biggest firearm and ammunition vendor in the country. Having more gun-stocked Walmarts probably won’t influence local violence, though it may put some mom and pop gun stores out of business (that liberal complaint is still valid!).

Walmart is unlikely to push any gun store out of business because of the poor selection of firearms. When Walmart used to sell firearms the only things they had on hand (at any Walmart I went into at least) were shotguns and hunting rifles. There were no handguns nor military pattern rifles. Both categories of firearms are very popular and unless Walmart changes their previous stance local gun shops have nothing to worry about.

I also like the fact that Walmart is going to sell guns against because it gives me something else to shove in the faces of those anti-gunners.