If You Vote to Reelect Obama This is What You’re Supporting

Many of my progressive friends are still jumping on board the SS Reelect Obama. While their ship is most likely already sunk I have been informing them, in no uncertain details, that by reelect Obama they’re supporting this:

Shakira was one year old when Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Barack Obama ordered the 2009 drone strike in Pakistan’s Taliban-infested Swat valley that nearly killed her. With two other burned little girls, she was put in a trash bin to die. A volunteer doctor with House of Charity discovered the three babies and attempted to save them. Two of the little girls died from their injuries, but Shakira, who is now four, lived to be disfigured.

CNN reports that Shakira arrived in Houston last week with her caretaker for a series of surgeries that “will make it easier for Shakira to grow older.” (“She will never look fully normal,” CNN adds.)

Thanks to drone strikes ordered by Obama Shakira will live the rest of her life disfigured. Obama is a warmonger who is more than happy to send a drone off to blow up a tent full of people to nail one man. He even went so far as to assassinate Anwar al-Awalki, an American citizen, and his 16 year-old son without giving either so much as the benefit of a trial. I don’t think the previous Warmonger in Chief even went so far as to actually order the assassination of an American citizen (I won’t be surprised if I’m wrong about this though).

If you reelect Obama you’re saying, “I want four more years of innocent people being killed or permanently disfigured by hellfire missiles launched from automated drones.” With the exception of Ron Paul, the other options don’t looks much better but I can at least say they haven’t ordered the death of anybody yet (not because they don’t want to, but merely because they haven’t had the chance). Granted the first act Rick Santorum wouldn’t probably make as president is to launch a nuclear strike on the Middle East, which would be followed up by his second act, the rounding up and execution of every homosexual in the United States.

Unless Ron Paul wins we’re all fucked (while I don’t think he can save this sinking ship we call the United States, at least he wouldn’t be warring with other nations needlessly), but if Obama wins we know for a fact more innocent people will be murdered and disfigured because he has a pretty nasty track record of making such orders.

3 thoughts on “If You Vote to Reelect Obama This is What You’re Supporting”

  1. Just tell your liberal friends that if they vote for Obama now knowing what they know, they are effectively voting for Bush’s 4th term. That is what I tell mine.

    1. I like saying that as well, but sometimes I like to remind them that what I’m saying isn’t just hyperbole.

  2. What scares me is the possibility that the stupid party will nominate Romney or Gingrich and then 4 more years of big government and war mongering will be almost assured.

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