Disappearing We the People Petitions

After Obama’s election the executive branch spent a lot of money to create the We the People site. We the People is supposed to be a site where anybody can submit a petition and, if it gets enough votes within a span of time, have it addressed by the White House. In reality these petitions are ignored although writing up bullshit reasons for ignoring them must have been too much work because the White House is now deleting petitions they don’t want to deal with:

At approximately 11:30 am EDT, the White House removed a petition about the TSA airport screening procedures from the White House “We the People” website. About 22,500 of the 25,000 signatures necessary for a response from the Administration were obtained when the White House unexpectedly cut short the time period for the petition. The site also went down for “maintenance” following an article in Wired that sought support for the campaign.

It would be pretty difficult to argue against a petition that demanded the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) obey the law so the only way to deal with it was to toss it down the memory hole.