FBI Failing to Get Desired Sentence for the Terrorists it Created

Earlier this year the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) captured another one of their agency created terrorists. This time around the FBI armed a handful of supposed anarchists with a fake bomb and encouraged them to use it to blow up a bridge:

On April 30 — on the eve of major leftist rallies in Chicago and elsewhere around the U.S. to protest corporations and the government — five men affiliated with the Occupy movement tried to use an FBI-supplied dummy bomb to blow up a highway bridge in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

It appears a judge is taking away some of the FBI’s glory by handing down a lighter sentence because of the fact the FBI created the terrorists:

Prosecutors called it a dangerous anarchist plot that had to be severely punished to deter any would-be imitators.

The defense said a government-paid confidential informant manipulated five impressionable, down-on-their-luck men into an attack they never would have attempted without his help.

In the end, U.S. District Court Judge David D. Dowd Jr. split the difference: He agreed to strengthen three defendants’ sentences with a terror enhancement, but then handed down terms Tuesday in Akron significantly lighter than what federal prosecutors had sought.

I only wish the judge would have completely thrown the case out. If it wasn’t for agency created terrorists the FBI probably wouldn’t have captured any terrorists. The FBI needs to be taught that simply creating terrorists and then capturing them is unacceptable. Unfortunately no judge is likely to take such action because it would make them appear to be soft on terror.