The Police Will Murder Your Dog Over Expired License Tabs

Do you want to see an example of the violence inherent in the system? I’m guessing you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this blog, so here you go:

LIBERTY HILL — Vinny is German Shepherd with a bullet wound on the back of his neck. On Monday, a Leander police officer shot Vinny when he says the dog and another German Sheppard came running at him while trying to serve a warrant.

“He said they were growling, and closing distance very quickly,” said Lt. Derral Partin, a spokesperson for Leander Police.

However, Vinny’s owners Renata and Chris Simmons, say Vinny has never acted aggressively.

“This dog wasn’t after him. This dog was just running up going ‘hey what are you doing?’ and they have a right to do that. This is my yard; this man should not have even been there. He could have killed my husband’s best friend,” said Renata Simmons.

The Simmons also tell KVUE — KENS 5’s sister station in Austin — they have never heard of the man that police were looking for.

The warrant was for a man named Bradly Neal Simpson, who is wanted for an expired vehicle registration.

The address on the warrant is in Cedar Park, not Liberty Hill where the Simmons have lived for nine years. However, Leander Police say their database shows Simpson’s last known address as the same one where the Simmons live.

Many people have pointed out the incorrect address as the primary failure here but the primary failure, in my opinion, is issuing a kidnapping order warrant for expired license tabs. It’s pretty messed up to send men with guns to cuff a man and lock him in a cage for failing to pay the state an annual fee to register his vehicle. What’s even more messed up is that the men sent to kidnap the offender apparently wanted to shoot something so badly that they jumped at the opportunity to put a bullet in a dog. If somebody can explain to me how this is an effective justice system I’m all ears.

2 thoughts on “The Police Will Murder Your Dog Over Expired License Tabs”

  1. Do some research on Bradley Neal Simpson:

    You will see he has been arrested multiple times. Look up Williamson County inmate lookup, you will see he had a felony warrant as well. Don’t get sucked in to cheap reporting by taking the word of other media outlets, do responsible research before you put out inaccurate information.

    1. Don’t get sucked in to cheap reporting by taking the word of other media outlets, do responsible research before you put out inaccurate information.

      I did. The data available showed that the officer was kidnapping Mr. Simpson over expired license tabs. A man’s past crimes have no bearing on the immediate actions of another point in time. For example, just because I have a felony record does not mean it’s suddenly OK to put a bullet in my dog because you decided that you wanted to kidnap me for having expired license tabs.

      Don’t get suckered into the propaganda that a felon is automatically a bad or violent person. Tax evaders can be labeled felons and preventing the state from stealing your wealth isn’t a violent crime (hell, it isn’t even a crime in any moral sense).

      Doing another search I’ve found numerous stories that corroborate the fact that the officer was serving a kidnapping order for expired license tabs. That was the point of this post, expired license tabs is not an offense so great that it warrants shooting a dog, let alone kidnapping.

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