The Sheer Stupidity of the American Legal System

Even with all of the stories I’ve read about corrupt judges, police officers, and politicians I can still be left dumbfounded. For example, how does this make any fucking sense:

HOUSTON (CBS Houston) – A 10-year-old girl is facing rape charges from playing an alleged game of “doctor” with a group of children from her housing complex.

The girl, who is only identified as “Ashley,” was charged by police for aggravated sexual assault.

Where can I possibly begin? I guess I’ll start with the inappropriate action of the accused. Children do inappropriate things all the time. Their sense of right and wrong are different than an adult’s. In cases where children perform a misdeed it is generally up to the parent to take disciplinary action. It would be appropriate for the girl’s parents to sit her down and have a talk about what is appropriate touching and what is inappropriate touching.

Another thing that would be good to know is where the girl picked up this behavior. It could be such a thing where she’s merely at the age where she’s becoming curious about such matters. She may have seen part of a porno. Or, more concerning, she may have been molested by somebody. Children tend to either mimic behavior or explore. Finding out whether she was merely exploring or mimicking behavior she’s encountered before could be important.

We also have the fact that children play “doctor.” I’m sorry, but that’s a fact of life. Once again, we return to the fact that children are curious and satisfy their curiosity by exploring. Welcome to childhood development.

But let’s not let common sense get in the way of good legal chicanery. It would make far more sense to take a 10 year-old, run her through the legal system, and tag her as a sex offender for the remainder of her life (if she’s really lucky she may get that expunged from her record when she turns 18, but you never know these days). Traumatizing the child will certainly teach her a lesson about… something, I guess. Seriously, fuck everything about this story.