A Socialist by Any Other Name

I’ve seen several people celebrating the antics of anti-fascists. And I get it. I also hate national socialists. But in most cases the anti-fascists being celebrated are international socialists.

The reason I’m not celebrating their antics is because I don’t see any meaningful difference between national and international socialists. If you look at their history, both groups have a tendency to fill mass graves. Their criteria on who to kill may differ but in the end they both have lists of enemies that they purge when the opportunity presents itself.

So, no, I’m not going to cheer on a bunch of international socialists just because they’re fighting national socialists. Frankly, I want the two camps to wipe each other out.

2 thoughts on “A Socialist by Any Other Name”

  1. Frankly, I want the two camps to wipe each other out.

    But of course if there’s “wiping out” going on, we won’t be rendered safe by wearing “I’m a libertarian, don’t shoot me” tee shirts.

    I agree, though, that in any confrontation between two odious groups, if several on either side get blasted into oblivion, the world may be a better place.

  2. See lets clear something up: AntiFa is not anti national socialist, they are anti-new definition of Fascist. Which the new definition of Fascist is being a rightwing anti-socialist.

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