The Defense of Dwelling and Person Act Passed Final Committee

We have good news on the Minnesota gun rights front, the Defense of Dwelling and Person Act passed the Senate Judiciary and Public Safety Committee by an eight to three vote. Now the bill can move on to an actual vote and hopefully get passed.

Placing Carry Instructor Requirements into Minnesota Law

The Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance (GOCRA) is pushing to establish the requirements of Minnesota carry instructors into Minnesota law. I’m not a carry instructor so I’m not 100% what is all involved but I do know the commissioner of the Department of Public Safety gets complete authority to determine what is required to become a carry instructor.

Like most government agencies granted authority by the legislator the commissioner can also change the rules on a whim without justification. The legislation GOCRA is proposing would place the current requirements for a carry instructor into law and further establishes a requirement for the Department of Safety to prove cause for revoking an instructor license.

I’m always a fan of taking the establishment of requirements from the hands of government departments and placing them into law (I’m even a bigger fan of completely abolishing such things but alas that won’t be an option here). That way no single person has ungodly authority and everybody can be somewhat assured changes won’t be established on a whim.