More Smith and Wesson News From SHOT Show

This time it isn’t good as The Firearms Blog reports. The FBI nailed one of their executives for bribery. The FBI agents posted as representatives of an African nation and apparently the executive attempted to bribe them. Ouch!

Also expect the Brady Bunch and Bloomberg’s Posse to make a press release attempting to say this was due to weak gun laws.

What the Government Giveth

They taketh away. The government handed banks of this country a lot of tax payer month, wether the banks wanted the money or not. Well the banks are not looking at potentially being taxed by the government to recoup costs. Yes that’s right the banks are in financial trouble so we give them bailout money. If a bank wasn’t in financial trouble they had to take the money anyways. Now those banks are going to be taxed. That’s your government at work everybody.

And Time Magazine’s Man of the Year Is

The man of the year is master of mishap, the destroyer of money, the patron of government interference in industry, none other than Mr. Fucktard himself Ben Bernankey. I didn’t realize the award was given to the most incompetent person of the year.

Yeah you have to love the fact Time Magazine awarded this to one of the people that not only helped cause the current economic depression but has also done everything in his powers to extend it’s affects. Of course Time Magazine also proved it doesn’t understand basic economics:

The magazine said the recession itself was the story of the year and without Mr Bernanke at the helm it would have been a lot worse.

Actually in a free market this depression recession wouldn’t have occurred in the first place. The current financial failure wad due in part to the Federal Reserver’s attempt to create a state of constant prosperity. They did this by extending credit, printing money, bottoming out interest rates, and anything else they could do to take resources away from where they were needed most and place them where they would do no good.

Because We Don’t Have Enough Prisons

So it looks like the denizens of Gitmo are being transferred to the United States. Where do you hold inmates of such a camp? In one of the thousands of prisons in this country of course. Of course Obama is not one to be frugal with money and seeing another opportunity to waste tax payer money he’s order the following:

US President Barack Obama has ordered the federal government to buy a prison in Illinois to take a number of inmates from Guantanamo Bay.

Yeah not rent, lease, or requisition but buy it. Oh Obama will you ever learn the concept of frugalness? I think not in his presidency.

Because Goldman Sachs Employees Are Better Than You and I

Via Dvorak Uncensored we have news that shows Goldman Sachs employees are better than either you or I. From the article:

“I just wrote my first reference for a gun permit,” said a friend, who told me of swearing to the good character of a Goldman Sachs Group Inc. banker who applied to the local police for a permit to buy a pistol. The banker had told this friend of mine that senior Goldman people have loaded up on firearms and are now equipped to defend themselves if there is a populist uprising against the bank.


The New York Police Department has told me that “as a preliminary matter” it believes some of the bankers I inquired about do have pistol permits. The NYPD also said it will be a while before it can name names.

Now somebody is probably thinking I’m going to go on a tirade about why these people should be shot and such. But I’m not because really I blame the economic problems of today on government interference into what should be a free market (I’m looking at you Federal Reserve Act).

Nope I think it’s smart these bankers are arming themselves. I arm myself and I’m not in any situation as bad as they are. But not where these permits are being granted. That’s right New York City. See if you are politically well connected enough or rich enough you to can get a permit in that city. But for average people like you and me there isn’t a snowballs chance in Hel (not a misspelling, look up Norse mythology).

And You Thought Your Gas Was Expensive

So you think you pay a lot at the pump for a gallon of fuel? I got news for you, you don’t pay shit. Via No Agenda I found how much money per gallon of fuel our boys in Afghanistan pay. The price after considering transportation costs, security, et cetera is on average $400.00 a gallon. No I didn’t accidentally carry a decimal point to far over. So what do our people in congress have to say about it? Well Rep. John Murtha says:

It is a number that we were not aware of and it is worrisome,

Yeah I guess they never calculated the cost of fuel to run our machines of war. Well guess what it’s not cheap. Of course it’s only worrisome not fucking outrageous. Seriously these little wars are bankrupting out country fast.