What He Really Said

So I’ve noticed a meme going around that is pegging Rand Paul as a racist. I thought that was pretty surprising being he just won the Kentucky Republican nomination and thus coming out as a racist would not seem the wisest political maneuver ever. Needless to say I did a little digging and found out he didn’t say anything racist at all.

What Rand Paul did say was the Civil Rights Act is in direct conflict with private property rights. Of course when he came under fire he went and said the opposite which I think was just plain dumb.

I agree with the fact that private property rights give you the ability to do what you want on your property including being a racist bigot. If you don’t want to allow black, brown, white, or indigo people into your place of business that’s fine it’s your right to determine your clientele. If you want to require all customers of your business to wear red shoes before they walk in that’s your right as well. Likewise if I don’t support your rules of business I can take my money elsewhere.

What the Civil Rights Act should have done is required all facilities receiving public funding to recognize all races and serve them equally. In essence it should have only applied to government and people receiving tax payer money. Our system of laws are supposed to protect us against our government not protect us against idiots who are willing to turn down business from customers who have a different skin color than themselves.

Needless to say Rand Paul doesn’t seem to have quite the backbone as his father but he most certainly is on the right track.

That’s Sexist, Racist, Homophobic, and Bigoted

Wow one article nailed all four of those. Yes apparently Iron Man 2 was sexits, racist, homophobic, and bigoted all in one movie (how do they get all of that done in such a short time span). Larry Correia, author of Monster Hunters International, took the accuser to task.

Seriously it’s hilarious (Mr. Correia’s commentary not the original writer of the dribble).

Also if you go to a super hero movie realize two things: it’s going to be over the top unbelievable and shit will blow up. It’s entertainment, try to enjoy yourself instead of be angry.

Talk About Low as You Go

Via Gun Nuts Media we get some of the lowest of the low from a “respected news source.” In this case we have an editorial writer comparing those of us with handgun carry permits to sex offenders:

Say, for example, you want to find out whether there are any convicted child molesters living in your neighborhood. You have young children, and like any good parent, you look up the information on available Web sites. Your research uncovers several living in your neighborhood. If you want to know whether they have permits to carry a gun, you can get that information. This bill, however, would prohibit that information from being made known.

Let’s step back a minute. First of all if a person is in a sex offender registry they have most likely committed a felony meaning they won’t be in the carry permit holder database. Second the implications of comparing law abiding citizens with clean records to child molesters is sickening. Just think about that for a minute. They are implying that those of us who hold permits to carry handguns are in the same class as those who have molested a child. A child molester is one of the most hated people in the country, they don’t even have a good life expectancy in prison because the prisoners hate them.

Of course the news paper wasn’t satisfied with just doing that. Let’s throw in the possibility of racism:

It also will be nearly impossible to find out whether police or other members are denying permits to legitimate applicants, maybe because of race or names that might denote a Muslim background, for example.

Oh OK I guess having a database of permit holders is OK because it will help fight racism. That makes so much sense. Except it doesn’t. This pretty much states that if you support keeping the names of those with carry permits secret you’re racist. At the moment that’s the gold card for those who don’t agree with you, accuse them of racism.

Let’s look at what the actual problems with publishing these names are. First and foremost there are people out there who obtain a carry permit for protection against a known potential threat. Often time these permit holders want their address kept secret so the potential threat can’t find them. Likewise many permit holders carry concealed because they don’t want people knowing they have a gun. See it’s a lot easier to survive a self defense situation if you have the element of surprise. It takes time, however brief, to for the human brain to deal with surprising criteria and that time could save your life. On the other hand if a criminal were targeting you or your family they would likely check to see if you had a carry permit and adjust their tactics as necessary. I’ll not even get into the whole shit storm of marketing people using the database as a mailing list.

Finally the author states the following:

As for allowing journalists access to generalized data: That information is useless. About all that could be gleaned is how many permits were issued and in what city or county — maybe.

Obviously the author doesn’t understand the wonderful world of data mining. A surprising amount of information can be derived from a little amount of data. From a person’s address you can theorize, quite accurately, their wealth (If they life in a upper class neighborhood for instance), the potential of having a family (A larger home often implies family versus an apartment), the car they drive (Parked out front often), and the hours they keep (Through observing their house and watching the times they come and go). This is just the icing on the cake obviously.

But the author obviously has a disconnection from reality as he thinks carry permit holders are in the same class of concern as sex offenders.

The bottom line is the anti-gun crowd love this database because it discriminates against gun owners gives reason for people to not obtain a carry permit (Personal information being published). An open database of carry permit holders has nothing to do with public safety and everything to do with social control.

Anti-Defamation League Don’t Like Guns

No surprise here but the Anti-Defamation League has filed a friend of the court briefing in McDonald vs. Chicago. Their, of course, on the side of Chicago. They believe weapons need to be controlled so “anti-government extremists” (As well as racists and terrorists of course) can’t obtain weapons. Obviously these idiots never read a history book. Here is what they say:

“We have placed the problem of armed extremism squarely before the high court,” said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director. “Racist and anti-government extremists often have an obsessive fascination with firearms and have shown a willingness to engage in acts of shocking and often deadly violence. We urge the Supreme Court to ensure that cities and states retain the latitude they need to keep guns out of the hands of extremists, terrorists, and violent bigots.”

First of all they never really define what an “anti-government extremist” is. By the make up of the word is means anybody who hates an established government. I’m assuming they mean somebody who hates them enough to start an armed rebellion. You know somebody like Samuel Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison. These people hated the tyrannical British government so much they armed themselves, rebelled, and founded this country.

Seriously morons.

MSNBC Try to Create Racism Where it Doesn’t Exist

From View From the Porch comes some very incriminating evidence against MSNBC. They did a story that tries to link the Obamessiah’s critics to racism, specifically gun owning critics of their god. The problem? Well they showed a man with a rifle at a health care rally to talk about evil white supremacists. They only show a close in of the rifle across the man’s back, the man was the black man with a gun in Arizona:

Yup just call of Obama’s critics racist, even if they are black.

Professor Gate so Called Racist Arrest

Browsing Massad Ayoob’s blog I see he posted about the arrest of the Cambridge professor that everybody was screaming racism over. I didn’t bring it up here because I couldn’t find any good information on the story and all accounts I did find certainly lead me to believe the arrest was race inspired. But there is a critical piece of information I didn’t find anywhere else.

When the police officer asked Mr. Gates for his identification he presented his Harvard professor ID. Most, if not all, college IDs lack any mention of a resident address. Being the card didn’t have Mr. Gate’s address on it there was no way for the police officer to verify that he was the owner of the household and hence arrested him.

Of course Mr. Gates screamed racist but he’s spent a good deal of his life fighting racism. As they say a foot doctor sees all problems as foot problems. Likewise Mr. Gates probably sees most issues are racism and hence never stopped to think maybe a driver’s license would have been a better ID to present to the officer than his Harvard ID. Of course the media didn’t seem to pick up on this fact hence Officer Crowley will probably be forever remembered as a racist officer.

I Repeat, if You Criticize Obama You are Racist

From Says Uncle we have another example of the Obamessiah’s critics being labeled racists. This time the word socialist is being redefined by an Obamessiah follower to mean nigger. That’s right he claims when you say socialist are actually being derogatory to the president’s race not his financial policy to bankrupt save the economy through printing trillions of dollars. Here is the video:


This is an effective way to stop people from using their first amendment right. All you have to do is attach a pariah label to your critics. For the connivence of those who hate the freedom to criticize here is a list of the proper label to use on those who don’t agree with you:

    If your opponents is…

  • white call them racist.
  • if a man and you are a woman call them sexist.
  • isn’t willing to pass your law increasing government powers to spy on citizens call them terrorists.
  • isn’t willing to pass your law to “protect the children” call them pedophiles.
  • is using anything off of this list call them assholes.

Hopefully that clears things up.