Reference Library

Minnesota Gun Rights

MN Gun Talk

A web page dealing with gun related issues in Minnesota. They have a great forum and community.

Twin Cities Carry

Another site dealing with gun issues in Minnesota. It mostly focuses on carrying in Minnesota. Once again they have a forum with a great community.


Gun Rights Radio Network

This network hosts several high quality second amendment podcasts as well as The Gun Dudes (just kidding guys, you’re high quality to). Certainly a must visit site for anybody into podcasts and the second amendment.

No Agenda

John C. Dvorak (The Buzzkill) and Adam Curry (Crackpot) give the news as well as very entertaining banter. Dvorak is a straight up guy while Curry is a conspiracy theory crackpot. Most of the stories they cover aren’t found in most media outlets.

The TWiT Network

A great podcast network run by Leo Laporte. It deals with technology news primarily. Mr. Laporte is one of the people I respect most in the technology journalist industry.

Geek Stuff

E. E. Knight’s Blog

One of my favorite authors. He writes my beloved Vampire Earth series which follows the hero David Valentine as he fights against the Kurians and their vampiric Reapers who have other taken Earth.


Information dealing with all things science fiction. Be it movies, television shows, or books you can find it here.

Bruce Schneier’s Blog

Bruce Schneier is one of the security industry leaders. He looks at security in general, not just dealing with technology, in a common sense manner. You won’t find any blind hysteria here. His posts are always interesting reads.


A daily read for any geek. They post technology news as well as discussions on the stories.