Steve Lampi

I’ve recently learned that Steve Lampi, former mayor of Brooklyn Park, has died. It seems he’s been fighting with cancer that finally won the battle.

I know little about Mr. Lampi except for three things; he was the mayor of Brooklyn Park, he was a member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, and he was the only Minnesota member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns who responded to my Freedom of Information Act requests for information on the organization.

Although his membership in Bloomberg’s organization leads me to believe he was far from pro-gun at least his office was good enough to respond to my request for information. I won’t decry the man for belonging to Bloomber’s posse and in fact want to make this post thanking him for responding to my request. That was more than the other Minesota members of Mayors Against Illegal Guns members did.

So to you Mr. Lampi thank you. Unfortunately I know nothing else of you and hence can’t offer any further words. At least know I appreciated your willingness to respond to a request from a man who has never resided in your city.

Mayor Steve Lampi of Brooklyn Park

The office of Steve Lampi has been very good to fill my information request in a timely manner. They’ve done an outstanding job providing all information between Mayor Lampi and Mayors Against Illegal Guns. I haven’t read through everything yet but I’m going to post what I have received. The documents linked here are not descriptively titled which I apologize for. I’m going to leave the document titles as I received them until such a time I can come up with a decent filing system and naming convention. Anyways here’s what I’ve received so far:

Document 1
Document 2
Document 2A
Document 2B
Document 2C
Document 2D
Document 2E
Document 2E1
Document 2E2