Guns on Trains

I have good news for both of you Amtrak passengers. Starting December 15th you’ll be able to legally check an unloaded, locked, and cased firearm into baggage on Amtrak trains. What that means is you can do the same thing on Amtrak trains as you’ve been able to do on airplanes. There is something interesting in this article though:

Amtrak officials told the Bee that Amtrak, a federally funded train system, is retrofitting train cars for gun storage. There are no estimates of yet as to how many people will take advantage of the changes.

For some reason Amtrak has been doing it’s damnedest to bar passengers from transporting firearms on their trains. It seems they’ve found a potential delayer in “requiring retrofitting” of their train cars. As far as I know you’ve been able to check baggage on Amtrak trains forever so I’m unsure as of why they’d have to do any retrofit thus this seems to be s a delaying tactic. We’ll have to wait and see on that.

Oh, and of course the Brady Campaign has their bat-shit crazy unanchored in reality response to this:

Daniel Vice of the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence countered that the rule change makes it easier for terrorists to bring weapons on trains with intent to do harm. He said his group and Amtrak police are pleased, however, to have won concessions requiring locked storage and 24-hour advance notice.

Yes because those evil terrorists wouldn’t bring a firearm on board without this ruling… that allows firearms to be transported in checked baggage just like on airplanes. I really wonder if anybody at the Brady Campaign has any roots left in reality or if they’ve all left this plane of existence for their deluded version of our world. What’s even more interesting is the following quote from Paul Helmke a couple of months ago:

Paul Helmke, president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, said he “doesn’t have problems with people transporting guns on trains so long as steps are taken to make sure they’re secured and properly stowed.”

I guess when your cause has no roots in reality it makes it easier to change your mind ever thirty seconds.

Even China is Sick of North Korea’s Shit

You know North Korea is getting a whole lot of crazy when China is getting sick of them:

China: Seriously, you need to knock the crazy down a notch or two Mr. Jong.

North Korea: But we have uranium enrichment prant! We can nuke South Korea soon!

China: See Mr. Jong this is what we’re talking about. Honestly your crazy hatred of America is cute and we find it enjoyable to watch but you need to learn the difference between cute crazy and totally whack-job nuts crazy.

North Korea: What are you tarking about? I can nuke America!

China: You know what? Just get the fuck out of my office and do realize we’re not backing you anymore. You’re on your own.

North Korea: Oh, I’m so ronery.

Wisconsin School Hostage Situation

If you haven’t heard there was a hostage situation in a Wisconsin school. Some punk kid came in packing two firearms and held his class hostage. Thankfully nobody was killed and the kid turned one of his firearms onto himself when the police arrive.

I’m glad to report the situation ended with nobody of consequence being injured or killed (a punk who takes a classroom hostage is not a person of consequence in my book). What’s interesting is how the situation is being reported. This was a hostage situation yes some news sites are still calling it a school shooting.

I think this story exemplifies the fact that crazy is crazy and makes a case yet again for allowing teachers to be armed in the classroom. This situation ended as well as could be hoped but most of the time we don’t hear such good news. Crazy people are dangerous and this story once again demonstrates the fact that people in our schools are helpless when one of these crazies come into the “gun free-zone” with firearms and an intent to cause harm. This crazy ended up holding 23 helpless people hostage with no real threat of retaliation should he decide to start killing those hostages (yes the police will eventually retaliate but if the crazy is planning on killing himself anyways it matters not). The best way to end a hostage situation is to prevent it from happening in the first place and the best way to do that is having a populace that can defend itself against the crazies.

Indoor Shooting Ranges

Yesterday I went to an indoor shooting range with a couple of my friends. I’m reminded today why I prefer outdoor ranges to the indoor ones. Although outdoor ranges close when the sun goes down most of the time indoor ranges means you get to keep breathing all the fun and exciting expulsions from the various firearms. Although these ranges are generally ventilated there is only so far that ventilation goes and frankly my throat is rather sore from the event.

Terrorism Cost Benefits Ratio

Bruce Schneier has a nice post up on his site talking about the cost benefits ratio of terror attacks. Ultimately terror attacks can be done on the cheap while costing us billions in wasted security measures aimed and preventing that same attack next time. Think the TSA for a second, every time some yahoo gets through with a few bucks with of poor explosives in their britches the TSA spend millions on new technologies that allow them to see through your clothing.

The terrorists have won ladies and gentlemen (well they won the second the PATRIOT Act was passed now that I think about it). If you can bleed your opponent dry of resources you really can hold out longer than they can and thus will win the war.

Time Off

Well it’s the holiday which means I’m going to be away from this site for the next couple of days. No I did not actually prepare things for you to read, sorry about that. Alas you’ll probably all be asleep from gorging yourselves on massive quantities of food and thus it’s irrelevant anyways. Have a good Thanksgiving.

St. Paul Police Steal a Gun

Here’s an interesting story involving a carry permit holder getting his gun stolen from him by the St. Paul police:

Thomas Hackbarth, 58, was stopped in his car on Nov. 16 after a security guard saw him with a gun in the parking lot about 5 p.m., an hour after the clinic closed. Police ordered him out of his car at gunpoint and handcuffed and questioned him before taking his gun and letting him go.

Hackbarth, who has a conceal and carry permit, picked up his gun from police on Tuesday. He was not arrested or charged, and police have closed the case, said police spokesman Andy Skoogman.

Basically the St. Paul police responded to a “man with a gun” call. That part made sense but the fact that they stole is gun from him without cause is appalling. The key here is they didn’t charge him, they didn’t arrest him, they just confiscated his firearm and left. Unless somebody is being charged with a crime the police have no right in confiscating property of a private citizen.

Stories like this are why I carry concealed, really well concealed. My gun sits in an inside the waistband holster with a shirt tucked in around it. Of course being this is a Red Star article they had to throw in a bit of bias:

Hackbarth said that he always carries his fully loaded gun, and understands why the security guard was alarmed.

Emphasis mine. The wording there is meant to create fear in the reader that a man not only had a gun, not only was it loaded, but it was fully loaded. For fuck sake the man was carrying a revolver, fully loaded means six rounds in most cases. Is he supposed to carry it partially loaded? Maybe he should play Russian roulette with an attacker. And people wonder why I call the Star Tribune the Red Star.

Did I mention Mr. Hackbarth is a state representative? I would love to see more representatives with carry permits who actively carry, good on him. Of course if I were him I’d also take action against the St. Paul police department for putting my life in danger by confiscating my means of self-defense without cause.

Something Doesn’t Quite Add Up Here

Via MNGunTalk I came across a story that really has me scratching my head. The story is titled The story of two guns that killed police officers. Right there I knew this story was going to be bad as no mention of the wielders of the firearms were mentioned. Of course it gets better… much better. First the hyperbole:

The compact stainless-steel .45-caliber pistol was forged in a factory in Brazil in the summer of 2006 – 4,700 miles and two years away from a fateful encounter on a narrow North Philadelphia street near Temple University.

The author is setting up the article to be about the gun right from the get go.

From there, the $250 firearm began a 680-day odyssey through at least four states, four owners and two crime scenes before ending up in the hands of a 27-year-old parolee who used it to kill police officer Patrick McDonald.

Oh the gunman is finally mentioned after two paragraphs of setting up the gun as the focus of the story.

As part of an investigation of the deaths of 511 police officers killed by firearms since 2000, The Washington Post took an in-depth look at the circuitous paths taken by two guns. One is the Taurus. The other is a .380-caliber FEG semiautomatic pistol used in the slaying of an Indiana state trooper.

They were going to follow the lives of the gunmen but found that story to be too dull. Everybody expects the gunmen to be lowlife criminals whereas you never can guess the story behind a rabid killing machine such as a firearm! The author also decided it would be a spot of fun to target one of the gun shops:

The two guns were initially sold by federally licensed firearms dealers, the Taurus at the South Carolina pawnshop, the .380 at a high-volume gun store outside Chicago. At least three guns sold at the Chicago area store, Chuck’s Gun Shop, turned up in fatal shootings of police, the most of any store in The Post’s review.

Because if I sell you something and you use it in a crime it would be best to imply it was somehow my fault for selling you the tool. This is very important because your moral fiber is instantly known to me when you walk into my store. Now we get into the meat of the problem:

The .380’s sale involved a “straw purchaser,” a person who buys a gun on behalf of someone else and falsely claims to be the intended owner. The Taurus’s sale looked like a straw purchase, with the man who first bought the gun quickly selling it to a felon for a $150 profit.

Straw purchases are illegal. What the author just stated here were the two guns the followed were legally purchased and then illegal sold to ineligible owners.

In one case, a 19-year-old felon acquires a handgun casually, as payment for a bet on a game of basketball, tucks it into his pants and later uses it to kill an Indiana trooper. In the other, a fugitive from a Philadelphia halfway house tries to escape from a pursuing officer and pulls the gun as they fight on the street. Both stories illustrate how firearms dramatically increase the danger in already tense situations, creating irrevocable outcomes from panicky decisions.

Really? I thought both stories demonstrated that violent criminals are dangerous and thus any situation involving them will be volatile. Violent people are violent regardless of the tool they have at hand.

Mack lied on the required federal paperwork, answering no to a question about whether he used illegal drugs. In fact, Mack, who worked as a laborer for a masonry business, later testified that he had smoked marijuana every day since he was 13. But he had no criminal record, and the required background check did not prevent him from buying a gun.

Oh my god! A person with no criminal history was able to purchase a firearm? HOLY FUCK IT’S THE END OF THE WORLD! We need to allow the government to take away the rights of people who haven’t been convicted in a court of law NOW! Seriously what a fucking tool the author must be.

On Sept. 9, 2007, the Taurus figured in a nonfatal shootout at a Sunoco gas station between two men in southwest Philadelphia. Both were injured and went to a hospital. Police responding to reports of gunfire found spent cartridges from .45-caliber and .22-caliber pistols, but no guns. The .45-caliber cartridges were later linked to the Taurus.

Just as a side note I want it known that if I’m ever attacked by a criminal with a gun the .45 caliber casings will most likely be from my gun. Glock 30SF for the win!

Giddings had been released from prison 36 days earlier after serving eight years of a 12-year sentence for aggravated assault. A judge had ordered him to report to a halfway house, but Giddings soon absconded in violation of his parole. When several police officers, acting on a tip that Giddings was at a house in the area, tried to arrest him, he fought with them and escaped. Now, he was wanted for aggravated assault on the officers as well as the parole violation.

So a criminal with a violent past attacked an officer? Why the fuck was he out of prison four years early is my primary question here. Oh that’s right we have to make room in the prisons for all the non-violent offenders our government seems to want put away.

Giddings then stood over the officer and pumped more bullets into him. He hopped back on the bicycle, but before he could get away, two officers arrived in response to McDonald’s call for assistance. At least one exchanged gunfire with Giddings, killing him with shots to the head and chest, according to the police report. One of the officers was shot in the hip. The other was not injured.

I like how the author emphasizes the gun when the criminal uses it but emphasizes the officers when the police use them. Also I’d like to note that the police used those evil bad horrible guns to stop the violent criminal. Wait I’m sure the author will tell us that since the police are better than you and me trained extensively in the use of firearms they should be the only ones to have them. Now to the next story about the evils of firearms:

Jeter later said in an interview with The Post that he got the .380 from a friend, whom he refused to identify. The man owed him $350 from a bet over a game of pickup basketball. Jeter had bumped into him at Hook Fish & Chicken, a fast-food restaurant in Chicago, about nine blocks from where Vaughn said he sold the pistol.

Obviously this Jeter fellow is an upstanding citizen and the gun turned him into an evil man.

“I know it’s not legal to have guns in Chicago,” Jeter said. “But who doesn’t have a gun? That’s Chicago.”

Wait… so criminals are willing to ignore the law? Basically Jeter just made the best case against gun control you could ever make, he ignored the laws and had a gun anyways. When you ban guns only criminals will have guns is the correct phrase here.

He tucked the gun into the front pocket of his jeans and tossed his fast-food bag into a white 1993 Chevrolet Caprice that had been stolen six days earlier from a Sears parking lot in southwest Chicago. The thief passed the car on to Jeter, who used a screwdriver to start it.

Yup an upstanding citizen that the gun turned into an evil man. He certainly wasn’t hanging around criminals or anything previous to owning that evil gun.

Jeter took off to meet a 16-year-old girl in Gary, Ind.

Wait a minute…

19-year-old Darryl Jeter.

Huh. There’s something fishy about that but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

“I ask myself every day, ‘Why?’ ” said Jeter, now 26. “What was I thinking? . . . He didn’t deserve to lose his life.

“I was presented with a weapon I shouldn’t have had. I should have went home.”

See if this poor lawful individuals with absolutely no criminal history wouldn’t have been presented with that evil vile firearm he’d have never done anything wrong!

Seriously this story is so poorly written and bias I can’t even begin to tell you where to being.

Trying to Ban Spelling Mistakes

If guns kill people then pencils cause spelling mistakes. Apparently a North Brookfield teach decided to try and ban spelling mistakes because she sent out a memo to every sixth-grade student alerting them that they would no longer be allowed to bring pencils to school. What? Well he reasoning is classic dumbassery:

The memo said students would no longer be allowed to bring writing implements to school. It said pencils would be provided for students in class and any students caught with pencils or pens after Nov. 15 would face disciplinary action for having materials ‘to build weapons.’

Of course the administration of the school is saying nobody authorized the teacher to release this memo but frankly it’s still sickeningly funny. Zero tolerance ladies and gentlemen means we must all wear Velcro shoes because shoe laces can be used to strangle people. On second thought shoes can be used to bludgeon people so I guess all students must go bear foot from here on out.