Sig P238 Recall Notice

I just saw this on the Firearm Blog. Sig is recalling p238 pistols due to faulty safety mechanisms…

This sums up the recall…

We have determined that a small number of P238 pistols may have safety levers that are not manufactured to factory specifications. Under certain conditions, it may be possible for the lever not to be completely engaged in the safe position. In this condition, the gun will not fire when the trigger is pulled. However, when the safety lever is moved to the off position, the hammer may fall, with the remote possibility that the gun could fire unintentionally, thus creating a risk of injury or death.

And here are the details on which P238s are being recalled…

If you have a SIG SAUER P238 with a serial number between DA000501 and DA003216, please cease use of the firearm immediately. Not all P238s within the identified serial number range are affected; therefore, it is imperative that you contact us via the UPGRADE HOT LINE at 1 (866) 446-1914. An operator will take your information and confirm if your firearm is required to be returned for Upgrading.

So if you have one take a look at the serial number.


Even Permanently Disabled Guns are Scary in the United Kingdom

Ah yes the United Kingdom. This find conglomeration of government intrusion and control is so afraid of guns that even completely disabled ones are feared…

A person was selling two guns which were disabled, via being welded shut, and properly certified at a local market. Some moron calls the police because apparently even permanently disabled guns are scary in Wales. The police arrive and tell the owner to sell the guns “more appropriate channels.”

Now there was nothing illegal about these guns, all the accompanying paper work was with them and the guns were unable to be restored to their original working configuration. That’s right lawful commerce was being practiced which we know Oceania is completely against hence the police had to put a stop to it. And I love this quote by the officer…

We would like to reassure the public that the use of guns in south Wales remains extremely rare and immediate action is taken if information is received about the use, threat or sale of items.

Yes they sure do crack down on guns be it a use, threat, or sale. Heck apparently even non-functioning guns which can’t be used to shoot somebody are cracked down upon. Of course they also crack down on those who defend themselves with a firearm since self defense is also all but illegal in that region.

Brooklyn Police Afraid of Flintlock Rifles

I found this story over on the Gun Rights Radio Network forum…

Michael Littlejohn, a citizens of Brooklyn, had a replica flintlock rifles produced for him. Under New York state law you are not required to register such guns. Now why would he want a flintlock rifles in Brooklyn you ask? Not that it matters why he wants it but the answer is he’s a Revolutionary War aficionado.

Anyways the police are saying he needs a firearms license to own the flintlock. Although this isn’t true I think the police feel they can beat Mr. Littlejohn into submission. After all anybody who is willing to own a flintlock rifle is only doing so to bypass the state’s gun registration laws and perform crimes with it. I think I will dub this the flintlock loophole. Just think if he has an unregistered gun he could perform a mass shooting at any of the state colleges. Back when such evil military style assault weapons were in regular use by the military a good rifleman could get off up to three shots in a minute! Just image the terror this man could produce with this unregistered military style assault weapon!

A Pretty Picture Showing More Guns Doesn’t Equal More Deaths

I saw this on Sharp as a Marble…

Walls of the City put together a post where he collected data from non-partial sources involving the number of deaths compared to the number of firearms. Of course this post was done by using text, which the anti-gunners have a hard time with (I think they have problems reading and comprehending anything past Go Dog Go). To help them understand it there is now a pretty line graph that illustrates the fact.

Of course being that you need some basic math skills to understand a graph I don’t think the anti-gunners will be able to figure this one out. The bottom line is if numbers of involved the anti-gunners probably won’t be able to understand it.


Australia’s Restrictive Gun Control Doesn’t Stop Straw Purchases Either

And interesting story I saw on Snowflakes in Hell…

Australia has some very draconian gun laws put in place in the hopes of making it’s citizens wholly dependent on the government for protection controlling violent crime. One of these laws is the requirement of obtaining a firearm license to purchase a gun. The theory goes that running massive checks and making people jump through many hoops will prevent criminals from buying guns. Unfortunately Australia is finding out what some American states already know, criminals will ignore the law and obtain their guns illegally.

Members of an organized crime gang were able to build up a small cache by performing straw purchases in Australia. Of course instead of admitting they were wrong members of the Australia government are calling for even more strict gun control laws. Now some magistrates are calling for finger printing and DNA checks on the country’s gun owners.

These magistrates apparently are missing the lesson, which is criminals will get guns because they are willing to break the law to obtain the tools they need to break laws. No amount of gun control can prevent this. Britain is a perfect example of a country having stringent gun control laws and a high rate of gun related violence.


But I Thought Gun Control Made Us Safer

That’s what the Brady Bunch tell use at least. Well tell that to Chicago, a city with some of the strictest gun control laws on the books. In one night over 15 people were wounded in shootings…

Once again we have proof that gun control doesn’t work. In fact I’d say this is pretty good evidence that gun control is harmful. If any of these 15 people would have been allowed to legally carry a gun they would have had a better chance of defending themselves and preventing any of the hoodlums from committing future crimes. Not to mention the hoodlums would be less likely to commit crimes if they realized there was a good chance of being shot and killed in the process.

Let Chicago be an example of what is wrong with gun control and taking away peoples’ right to self defense.

Brief History of the Swiss Army Knife

The BBC has a nice article covering the history of the Swiss army knife…

I’m one of those people who carries a Swiss army knife on his person every day. Mine has several gadgets that I use almost every day including a small LED pen light. For every slot, screw, and hole there is a tool on my knife to work with it. I honestly would have a hard time getting through the day without it.

Multiple Armed Men Spotted at Fogo De Chao

This just in a group of armed me were spotted at the restaurant Fogo De Chao in downtown Minneapolis. The group of approximately ten, all carrying guns, were reported to have gone into the restaurant together to eat. While being seated the wait staff incorrectly seated an innocent individual with the group. The group welcomed this unarmed individual and began chatting with him. The scary part is this innocent individual appeared to be corrupted by this group of frightening gun owners and began inquiring about also getting a carry permit.

After the group finished eating they left without incident. No people were apparently shot or in any other way harmed during this armed mob’s visit.

PayPal Screws Gun Blogger’s Rendezvous

There is a post over at the Smallest Minority about PayPal once again using their draconian rules against using their service for anything relating to firearms…

Kevin setup a gun giveaway through a charity organization called Soldier’s Angels. It was a simple idea, you buy a ticket and you enter in the raffle. The problem is PayPal suspended Soldier’s Angle’s account for twelve hours when this went online.

PayPal has a long history of screwing the gun community and this isn’t surprising but it is the reason I won’t use PayPal unless I have absolutely no other choice (this includes mailing checks through the ancient postal service).

Senators Move to Make Texting While Driving Illegal

Remember that post yesterday about the study that said people who text while driving are 23 times more likely to crash their car? Well to prove once again that no tragedy (or study in this case) should be left unexploited some senators on capital hill are going to introduce legislation to make texting while driving illegal…

The legislation will use the federal government’s favorite weapon against state rights, money. Pretty much if a state doesn’t introduce a law making texting while driving illegal they lose their federal highway funding.

It’s funny how the states only have rights when it’s convenient for the federal government. For instance the states have a right to make their own gun laws when national reciprocity is being voted on but they don’t have the right to make their own gun laws when they want to make any gun sold and used in their state exempt from federal regulation. Well it looks like states don’t have the right to make legislation when it comes to their drivers either.

That said texting while driving is just fucking stupid. But just because something is fucking stupid doesn’t mean it should be made illegal. The fact of the matter is there is no way to enforce this law since phones can be used for a great many things. For instance my phone has Google Maps on it which I use to navigate my way around. But being I’m holding the phone to look at the map it looks like I’m texting.

Likewise reckless driving is already illegal hence if you are swerving around on the road while texting you are committing a crime and will most likely be pulled over. This law in effect will only exist to give police another reason to pull you over without having any actual reason to do so (sort of like Minnesota’s new mandatory seat belt law).