Just Because the Bad Guy is Armed Doesn’t Mean They’ll Win

At least if you’re also armed. From Robb Allen’s blog we have this story…


The anti-gunners always spout the fact that if you are attacked you’ll be at a disadvantage. This is true but they claim this disadvantage is so great due to your foe being armed and already having their weapon at the ready that you’ll have no chance in Hell of getting to yours. This story flat out destroys that argument…

TAMPA – About a month ago, Audry Sauceda was carjacked and fought back.

He stuck a gun in my side and told me to get out of the car,” Sauceda said while sharing her story with FOX 13 on May 15. “And I pulled out my gun and stuck it in his face, and told him, he needed to get out. He screamed and jumped out of the car.”

Even though the attacker had a gun at the ready the owner of the car was able to get her gun out and into the would be high jacker’s face.

The bottom line is most criminals prey on what they perceive to be easy targets. They want easy money and objects that’s why they are stealing instead of working. To them it’s easier to rob an unarmed person than it is to go to work everyday like the rest of us. But once in a while they find a person who is armed and it turns their life to shit. Not wanting to die most criminals will run at the sight of a gun in the hands of the law abiding.

Of course there will be somebody who says if the woman would have just surrendered her car then she wouldn’t have had a chance of ill happening to her. The problem is you can’t make a deal with a person who is robbing you because you can’t trust them. Just because a criminal says they won’t kill you if you give them your stuff doesn’t mean they won’t kill you.

Source: http://blog.robballen.com/2009/06/19/p3516-getting-the-jump-on-things.post