My Faith in Humanity is Dropping Quickly

First we have police officers charging citizens for resisting arrest and aggregated assault even though the officers hit the wrong house and now another bastardization of decency. Via John C. Dvorak’s blog we have this story…

A shitty strip joint called the Cheetah Club when and hired themselves a 14 year old girl. Why would a 14 year old girl apply for such a job? Well because she was forced to…

Police say Leslie Campbell, 48, kidnapped the teenager in San Antonio in March, took her to Corpus Christi, sexually assaulted her over the course of a week, gave her a false identification card and forced her to strip at the club.
Police say the girl, who has not been identified, escaped from Campbell’s home and has been reunited with her parents in San Antonio.

So she was kidnapped, sexually assaulted, and forced to work in a strip joint until she escaped. This is a tragic story but it gets worse. Fast forward to the immediate present…

RJL Entertainment Inc., — which is doing business as “Cheetah Club,” according to tax records — filed the lawsuit last week.
The suit seeks unspecified damages from Campbell, the girl and her parents, as well as a declaration from a judge that it did not intend to hire a minor.

“We’re the victims here,” Yaffe said.

Yes the strip joint which hired the girl is now suing the girl and her family. So after being kidnapped, sexually assaulted, and forced to take a job as a stripper she is also being sued on top of it.

I’m starting to give up home on the human race.


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