But if You Defend Yourself You May Kill Somebody

Found via Says Uncle…


The article opens like this…

Note to the folks who keep loaded guns in their houses: that stranger rustling around in your bushes or lurking by your garage may be a teenager playing a game. Don’t shoot.

The article then splits gun owners into two mutually exclusive categories…

There are plenty of folks who value the Second Amendment who also think keeping a loaded gun in the house is stupid stuff. (If there are children in the home, these gun owners see it as criminally stupid stuff.) Their emotional attachment to guns is tied to sport and skill, hunting and marksmanship rather than self-defense.

On the other side are the gun owners who believe they always are a split second away from needing their guns to stop bad guys. It’s too simplistic to say they view guns as instruments of heroism, but their mantra is that “they have the right to protect themselves and their families.” Emotionally, they tie guns to personal honor and self-sufficiency.

And finally closes up with…

Although we often lump all gun owners together, the difference between those two philosophies of gun use is enormous.

The shooting of the teenager reminds us that the second philosophy is deeply flawed – an American myth echoing our frontier past. Guns are lethal weapons, and when a gun is seen as the first (and best) line of defense, tragedies are bound to happen – much more likely, in fact, than saving anybody’s life.

So apparently you either refuse to save your life using a gun or your a psycho path who can’t wait to kill a home invader. According to the article we are supposed to assume somebody breaking into our house is a teenager playing games. Let me tell you something if somebody enters my domicile whom I don’t know without my permission (that’s why we knock on doors people) I am assuming they are hostile and will take what means are necessary to defend myself.

Let’s get this straight somebody comes into your dwelling without knocking at the door, ringing the door bell, calling your, or any other method of announcing their entry and we’re supposed to not respond in a defensive manner because it might be some teenager playing a game? What about the other side of the coin? What if it’s some teenager doing an initiation for a gan that involves killing, raping, or robbing somebody? The bottom line is you haven’t a clue what an invader’s intentions are so you need to act in a manner to protect the most precious thing you have, your family and your life.

Source: http://www.saysuncle.com/2009/06/29/defies-logic/