Web Development Made Awesome

I’m doing some web development for work currently and have decided that there are two tools all web developers need to know. The first is Django…


Django is an amazing web development framework. Think of it as Ruby on Rails but for Python. The Django framework allows you to do all you server side work in Python which to me make it an amazing tool. And get this unlike many development tools out there Django is very well documented. Their web page has a good tutorial for starting off to top off the documentation.

Then there is jQuery…


jQuery is a JavaScript widget library. It let’s you “AJAXify” your site easily for buzzword compliance and make designing the page interface very easy. But I think the best part is that the data presented by jQuery will display if a visitor has disabled scripting. Granted the information won’t look nearly as pretty but it will display.

These two tools have made web development very easy on me.