And Samuel Colt Made Them Equal

Remember that saying that God made all men but Samuel Colt made them equal? I think this story exemplifies that…

An 18 year old man decided he was going to steal a 74 year old man’s car. Normally the 18 year old would win any such fight due to the advantages of youth. But when Martin Baltazar put a knife to August Peters’s throat and attempted to steal his car he wasn’t expecting the aged man to whip out a gun. Furthermore I don’t think Mr. Baltazar expected the old man to shoot him.

Once again an average citizen uses a gun to stop a crime. But of course the gun banners would have you believe that Mr. Peters should have just surrendered his keys. After all criminals who are willing to put a knife to your neck certainly wouldn’t be willing to kill you even if you gave up your keys right? I mean getting rid of a witness was never a concern of a criminal… oh wait.