An Example of a Time Not to Use a Gun

Rob Allen has a post on when you shouldn’t use a gun. Those of use who carry do so knowing we may need it to defend our lives at some point. Many gun owners keep a gun handing knowing they may have to defend themselves at home some night. But apparently Jack Connerton of Cincinnati decided his gun should be used to confiscate a child’s skateboard because they were cutting across his parking log.

Mr. Connerton is being accused of stealing an 11 year old girl’s skateboard at gun point. This is a perfect example of times when a gun is not to be pulled out. Furthermore if the acquisition is true this guy is not only a world class prick for robbing an 11 year old girl at gun point but also a world class prick for trying to ruin the right to bear arms for the rest of us. These are the jack asses the anti-gunners point to and claim are the average gun owner. It’s people like this that give the anti-gunners an emotional argument to use the next time they want to pass a law banning guns. And it’s dick heads like Mr. Connerton who hands them these arguments on a silver plater.