Another Multiple Shooting Incident

Well it looks like we have another tragic shooting this time in Bridgeville Pennsylvania. The murderer, George Sodini, walked into L.A. Fitness around 20:00 UTC with two handguns (I’m sure somebody will report an AK-47 just wait) in his gym bag. He entered a room where a womens’ dance class was taking place, killed the lights, and started blasting. He ended his rampage by finally shooting the only person deserving of it, himself. It appears as if five women were killed.

The further add to this it appears as though Mr. Sodini talked about doing this attack on his web page for about nine months. According to the site his reasoning for the attack was because he’s been rejected by women for many years. I’m not social expert but my guess is he was being rejected because he’s fucking bat shit crazy.

As much as it makes me sound like a calloused asshole I’m going to go ahead and say this is an example of why you need a plan for self defense no matter where you are. Granted concealing a weapon under attire most commonly used by women to exercise is a no go but being there were over 100 people in the gym somebody could have been packing including a gym employee. Further more something like mace could have at least blinded him and hopefully distracted him long enough to tackle his ass and give it a good kicking. According the the last linked article (which the news likes to exaggerate but still) the murderer shot as many as 52 rounds. If he was carrying two handguns that would mean he almost certainly had to reload each gun at least once. There would have been time for somebody with a concealed weapon in the gym to move in and shoot the fucker before it completed his rampage or at least maced him. Have a means of self defense, even if it’s not a gun any weapons increases your odds.

Now we just have to wait for the anti-gunners to exploit this tragedy and claim stricter gun control could have prevented this.

Sadly the murdering fuck is dead and hence no punishment can be dealt. That’s the biggest sign of cowardice right there, killing yourself after walking into a place full of unarmed people and killing them. Let us remember those who died in this even as the victims of a total coward. Here is the current list of those who died because of Mr. Chickenshit:

Heidi Overmier
Elizabeth Gannon
Jody Billingsley

2 thoughts on “Another Multiple Shooting Incident”

  1. The gun controllers are already at it. Some nitwit on the news just blamed this on the AWB not being renewed… Still, no report of an AK, but wth? I guess the twerp used an assault pistol? Go figure!

  2. Of course they would bring up the “assault weapons” ban. It’s the piece of legislation that is always brought up when a mass murder involving guns happens. It makes double the sense to bring it up with this story since the guns the killer was using weren’t covered under the improperly named ban.

    I want to see somebody mention that ban being helpful in this case so I can find out their reasoning. Because as I see it there is no way such a ban could have prevented this tragedy.

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