Idiocy Astounds Me Once Again

OK I game across a rather disturbing story on Gizmodo. The summary of the story is some kid in Japan burned down the house his mother and him were living in because she threw out a plastic toy. An important thing to note here is his mother and himself were in the house when he set it ablaze. I really shouldn’t say some kid as this idiot was 29 but if you burn down a house because your mother threw out a toy you’re a fucking kid, period. Ironically people always point to Japan as a utopia society who has banned guns and has a low murder rate, they always neglect to mention suicides and stupid shit like this though.

The story isn’t as interesting as the commands on Gizmodo though. What follows is a rant about users on the Internet, hence it has no real value to anybody other than showing how stupid people can be. If you don’t care just do yourself a favor and skip the remainder of this post. Now that the disclaimer is out of the way let us dissect some of this posts, the first one I found extremely stupid was posted by a man named Bokusatsu_Tenshi:

I know there’s no justifying for what the guy did, but if I’m not mistaken, those where GUNPLAS, not “action figures”… which means they were all artisanally hand assembled and probably painted too. So it’s NOT about some dumb collection the guy spend some bucks on, but rather a hobby that probably cost him tons of work and money. So instead of posting prejudicial comments, maybe some of you should think how you would react if someone took something very precious to you, which you spent hours making, and just tossed it out as if it was nothing. People seem to think they are so fucking superior to the guy only because he lives with his mother and collects gunplas…

So he’s asking how would I react if I lived at home and my mother threw away my guns? I’d be pissed, I’d yell, but there is no way I’d burn the fucking house down. Up next we have Dr. Evil Genius:

Let’s see… take something that you hold in high-regard – your most treasured belonging and say… your significant vagina takes it upon herself to just throw your shit out. PLEASE tell me you’re gonna be happy about it. Everyone wants to criticize others over what is important to THEM. I think his reaction was inappropriate but have your girlfriend get your car towed to the Chop Shop and we’ll see how YOU react.

Once again I’m not going to burn her house down. If she had my vehicle towed to the chop shop I can assume the relationship is over otherwise I’d have no idea why she would do that (even then she wouldn’t). At most I may take her to court to get the value of the vehicle back so I could get some wheels. I’d also probably say some words not meant for children, but I do that in normal conversation so it’s nothing out of character. Then we have TheGZeus:

Your mother nags at you constantly your whole life, you probably can’t get a job doing anything that doesn’t make you want to die, and the only thing that makes you happy is the Gundam collection you’ve had since you were a child, and probably spent most of your allowance on. So for many years of your life most of your income goes towards these things, so their value gets inflated. When your mother throws out what is probably worth thousands of dollars, and worth infinitlely more to you and she doesn’t care you fucking SNAP. My dad reset my router accidentally, risking ALOT of data in the process, and he got angry with me for cursing and kicking a box of my own stuff. That data meant nothing to him, but represented hours of work and setup to me.

First of all we’ve all done jobs we’d rather not have. But if you want to survive you need money, and the only way to get money is through theft or work. Most of us prefer work even if the job sucks. And if the only thing you have in life that makes you happy are toys, Hell any object, you’re life is terrible and you should work on fixing it (In other words go out and meet people.). Snapping at your father because he accidentally (we all make mistakes) unplugged your router is rather dumb. No data in transit is irreplaceable. If you are copying a file it still exists on the source machine, if you are downloading something you can always restart the download. If it was a very large download that you’ve been working on for hours or days you should have used a method that can recover from such errors such as BitTorrent. Finally if your mother is your “significant vagina” you need therapy.

The point of this rant is unless your life is in danger via the person taking an inanimate object from you (An armed robber for instance who may just kill you after taking your object anyways) there is no justification for putting another person’s life in jeopardy. If somebody throws up something of importance to you feel free to scream, yell, or even take them to court (I don’t see any reason I could possible take a family member to court over property myself.) but never ever attempt to bring harm to their person. Should I be away from my home and somebody breaks in and steals my stuff I’m not going to bring bodily harm to them if I find them afterwards, I’m calling the police and seeing them in court. A person’s life is more valuable than your stuff, period. It’s sickening to me that some people think otherwise.

As a cultural awareness note I didn’t belittle the kid for living with his mother. In many other countries, especially asian countries, it’s common for elderly parents to move in with their kids when they are no longer capable of being independent. I haven’t a clue if that is the case here so I’m not touching that subject.