Former Honduras Leader Creates Bad Situation, Then Cries

Seriously exiled former president of Honduras Mr. Zelaya sure is playing the whiny bitch card. He tries to illegally extend his term a president, gets exiled from the country and told he can never return, then comes back. Now that he’s back the Honduras government is none too happy and cut off all supplies to the Brazilian embassy where he’s holed up. Well Mr. Zelaya is not whining about the treatment he’s receiving. Apparently the Brazilians didn’t think to stock up on food and supplies at their embassy before pulling this stunt and now they are paying for it:

“We have survived a few days eating biscuits, a very irregular diet,” he told the BBC’s Brazilian service, adding that the group had their first proper meal on Thursday.
“I wouldn’t say that we are starving, but the situation is extremely precarious.”

Of course this whole situation wouldn’t have been a situation had Mr. Zelaya not violated the constitution he was supposed to uphold. Furthermore this situation wouldn’t have escalated had he not returned to the country. Now the situation can be ended quickly if he surrenders to receive trial. The bottom line is his play for power has failed hard.