The VERY Definition of Doing it Wrong

Wow some people just have to prove a point. Thanks to a story found via Walls of the City I’ve learned that some people like to do it wrong in regards to carry permits.

Hit the link for the full story but suffice to say some kids got their carry permits and decided to go “fishing for robber.” Yes they are going out and actively looking for trouble. Fucking morons. The idea of carrying a gun usually revolves around the idea you do it to protect yourself. That’s good everybody should be willing to fight for their life. Of course the biggest thing to remember is if you don’t get into trouble you don’t need to defend yourself. Hence the best way to stay alive it to actively AVOID trying to get into a situation where your life would be in jeopardy.

You can’t always control when you’ll be in a bad situation, but walking around “fishing for robbers” is a great way to get yourself into a bad situation. Should they ever use their firearms in self defense the prosecution is going to have a field day ripping them apart.