XD vs. Glock: Introduction

Oh Hell that title alone is enough to get me crucified by one side or the other. But before you send me hate mail let me explain the title.

For over a year now I’ve been carrying a Springfield XD .45 Compact. Of course I hear a lot of flak from Glock fans on how horrible the XD is and how great the XD is from fans of the pistol. I myself really don’t care I want the best tool for me. To that extend some time ago I purchased a Glock 30SF at a local gun show (where I had to fill out paperwork and submit to a NICS check, go figure). The reason I chose the Glock 30SF was simple, it is the closest model Glock to my XD.

My entire intention of purchasing the Glock 30SF was to compare it against my XD. I’m not one to needlessly say one thing is better than another until I’ve tested both (or at least been shown verifiable evidence). I’m not planning on selling either pistol when the test concludes since they are both useful firearms.

As I perform my tests I will report on my findings here. This comparison is going to span many months in length and is going to be excruciatingly detailed. I want to keep fanboyism out of this comparison and just make light of things I observe between the two pistols.

I’ve already compiled a bunch of information since I obtained the Glock 30SF so expect several posts involving this subject in the recent future. I also want to note that this comparison will be as scientific as possible but will also contain a lot of personal opinion. Many things about different guns aren’t better or worse they are simply preferred by certain individuals and undesirable by others. For instance somebody may prefer the feel of a pistol that uses single stack magazines while another person may not. Neither person is right or wrong they simply differ in opinion.

Anyways you’ll be subjected to many posts on this subject in the coming months.