So the TSA is Security Theatre

Wow I couldn’t say I saw this coming. Another, “No Shit. How could people not get that?” post on Bruce Schneier’s blog leads to a research paper stating that people can improvise weapons on an airplane.

Really? NO WAY! I present the paper’s abstract:

Commonly available items including a ball point pen, a plastic knife, a broken wine bottle, and a broken wine glass were used to inflict stab and incised wounds to the necks of 3 previously euthanized Large White pigs. With relative ease, these items could be inserted into the necks of the pigs next to the jugular veins and carotid arteries. Despite precautions against the carrying of metal objects such as knives and nail files on board domestic and international flights, objects are still available within aircraft cabins that could be used to inflict serious and potentially life-threatening injuries. If airport and aircraft security measures are to be consistently applied, then consideration should be given to removing items such as glass bottles and glass drinking vessels. However, given the results of a relatively uncomplicated modification of a plastic knife, it may not be possible to remove all dangerous objects from aircraft. Security systems may therefore need to focus on measures such as increased surveillance of passenger behavior, rather than on attempting to eliminate every object that may serve as a potential weapon.

Hell I might even be able to use my laptop as a bludgeon weapon! I could also choke somebody to death with the power cord. Wait scratch that I could beat somebody to death the the power brick end of the power cord. Fuck it’s almost like I could even use my bare hands to kill or injure somebody on a plane.

I couldn’t have seen that coming. Anyways I apologize for no direct link but the paper is on a site that requires a subscription to gain access to their papers.