And Time Magazine’s Man of the Year Is

The man of the year is master of mishap, the destroyer of money, the patron of government interference in industry, none other than Mr. Fucktard himself Ben Bernankey. I didn’t realize the award was given to the most incompetent person of the year.

Yeah you have to love the fact Time Magazine awarded this to one of the people that not only helped cause the current economic depression but has also done everything in his powers to extend it’s affects. Of course Time Magazine also proved it doesn’t understand basic economics:

The magazine said the recession itself was the story of the year and without Mr Bernanke at the helm it would have been a lot worse.

Actually in a free market this depression recession wouldn’t have occurred in the first place. The current financial failure wad due in part to the Federal Reserver’s attempt to create a state of constant prosperity. They did this by extending credit, printing money, bottoming out interest rates, and anything else they could do to take resources away from where they were needed most and place them where they would do no good.