Advantage Arms Conversion Kit in Cold Weather

Here is yet another post dealing with my Advantage Arms .22 conversion kit for my Glock 30SF. On Saturday my friend, his father, and I went out to the range. This of course may sound like a bad idea to those who were in Minnesota and know it was about -10 (Fahrenheit since I’m a mangy American). But if you can’t deal with those temperatures then you don’t get much trigger time in January and February here.

As most people with .22 conversion kits know they generally work on two basic principals; hope and prayers. Because of this less than ideal situations may cause issues and issues were caused on Saturday. When I first slapped on the conversion kit it was banging away pretty well. The long it was out and thus more exposure to cold it received the worse it started working.

Towards the end I’m not exaggerating when I say I experienced about eight feeding failures per ten rounds. That means only two rounds in the magazine successfully fed into the gun. Just racking the slide was enough to tell you the problem, it was friggin’ cold and the conversion kit wanted none of that.

I’m not knocking the kit at all. It was ten below zero and these kits are notoriously sensitive to everything. They’re made for cheap practice not cold weather use. But it certainly is something to note if you live up in the northern half of the planet.