I Don’t Get This

OK I hang around a lot of different gun communities and hear a lot of different things. There is one particular community where a handful of members take every opportunity to bash the NRA. That’s fine, the NRA makes a lot of stupid mistakes. But it’s the reasons they bash them that I find rather idiotic.

It seems these people’s only argument is that the NRA is some front end for Republican neo-conservatives. Of course they always say GOP implying that all Republicans are neo-conservatives but I can point to quite a few good Republicans such as Ron Paul (Yes stereotypical example for a libertarian to pick but I don’t care, it’s my site and I can do what I want).

Anyways the recent argument stems from the fact the NRA wants to grab 10 minutes of Gura’s time in the McDonald vs. Chicago case. Gura, for those of you who don’t know, is the lawyer on our side. Now I have reservations about this as well because Gura has proven himself a very competent and able lawyer. The NRA is mostly not happy with how Gura is going after the case and want to add another spin on it. I’m not going to get further into details because, as usual, Sebastian over at Snowflakes in Hell has already create amazing posts related to that.

What I’m complaining about is the argument of a certain individual. He is saying the NRA is trying to grab this time because they want to ensure Gura’s argument isn’t the reason for this case to be won. Why? Because, being GOP shills, they want to ensure one specific right isn’t given further power, marriage. Yes that’s right. Apparently the NRA doesn’t want the case to be decided upon by Gura’s case because it would somehow also allow gays to marry.

Doesn’t get much dumber than that ladies and gentlemen. As you’ll note I’ve left out the community and names. This is because I don’t want to negatively impact that particular community as it’s usually pretty good.

Of course that begs the question why write a long post on my blog ranting about it? Because it’s my site and I get to post what I want.