Meet the Glock 21SF and CMMG’s .22 AR-15 Conversion Kit

So the gun show this weekend ended up being very fruitful. My friend obtained a CMMG .22 conversion kit for his AR-15 for the cost of a song and dance. That thing is wicked fun. All the conversion kit does is replace the bolt and magazine, installation takes roughly 30 seconds. Once installed you get the have fun with cheap .22LR rounds.

We tested it out by shooting steel plates. The kit operated very well once he found the ammunition it liked. It’s strange firing an AR where there is literally no recoil. Anyways some of the plates were rather stubborn and wouldn’t go down with a single strike, but they went down after a good ten strikes in rapid succession. Seriously I can not emphasis how much fun the kit was.

For myself I ended up getting a Glock 21SF at the show. The one I got had the standard 3rd generation frame, ambidextrous magazine release, and the standard Glock rail. The dealer also had one with a picatinny rail but finding holsters for that particular model can be a nightmare. Anyways I obtained the gun because I want to start IPSC this year. I didn’t really want to use my 30SF due to the fact it’s just not a great competition gun (Small and heavy on the recoil). On the other hand I wanted to practice with my carry gun. The 21SF allows the best of both worlds in that it’s a larger and therefore heavier gun while having the exact same controls as my carry gun.

We took it to the show as well and I ran 100 rounds through it. As expected it worked like a dream. It shoots very nice and I really like how a full sized gun feels in the hands. Have an ambidextrous magazine release is also nice in that it makes shooting it left handed easier. I know a lot of people simply say to hit the magazine release with your middle or trigger finger but being my fingers are quite long I have to completely change my grip (Most to push the gun forward) so I can move my finger back far enough to hit the release. This is uncomfortable and time consuming so I prefer to hit the release with my thumb.

As with my 30SF there is one thing I don’t like. Slamming in a fully loaded magazine when the slide is forward is difficult (Not nearly as bad as the 30SF though). I expected this and since I’ll be doing limited 10 I won’t have to concern myself with having a full 13 rounds in the magazine.

Otherwise the gun seems pretty great. I’m going to reserve final judgement until I get more trigger time with it but so far I love it. As a bonus it fits perfectly into my 30SF carry holster. That saves some time having to find a whole new holster for it.

4 thoughts on “Meet the Glock 21SF and CMMG’s .22 AR-15 Conversion Kit”

    1. My introduction is going to happen down in Pine Island. I have a friend who shoots IPSC and has been telling me to get into it for a few years now so I figured I might as well get my introduction from him and his gang.

      From there I’ll probably be participating at one of the ranges up in the twin cities.

      Either way I’m planning on doing limited 10. It seems like a good balance between equipment restriction (I don’t want to pay the price for a gun in open division) and getting advantage out of shooting a .45 (I want that major scoring).

      1. That sounds good. Haven’t been to that range, but I’ve heard nothing but good about it.

        If your’re in Burnsville tomorrow night, the Burnsville Pistol Range is holding another USPSA/IPSC format match. The guy that runs Pine Island is usually at these matches.

        In any case, I usually go to Oakdale, and sometimes Faribault.

        Good luck.

        1. I would partake but I won’t be around tomorrow. Oh well.

          On the upside since you mentioned Oakdale I just received my letter saying I’m up for membership (I’ve been on their waiting list). I’m setup for the class and range safety instructions next month (Earliest class).

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