Shot Show Extravaganza

Thankfully The Firearm Blog is covering this year’s SHOT show because I sure am not. I’m going to pull a Leo Laporte here and meta cover the SHOT show. In other words I’m going to be posting about stuff I think is cool or interesting.

First up Bushmaster has officially launched their ACR platform. There isn’t much to say about it really besides the price tag hovers between $2,685 and $3,061. Ouch! For that price the rifle better make breakfast for me in the morning.

The next interesting thing I seen is Beretta’s evolved 92A1 and 96A1. These two are 9mm and .40 S&W evolutions of the well known 92SF and 96. What new things are brought to the table? Higher magazine capacity, some ergonomics, and of course RAILS! That’s right this isn’t your Daddy’s Beretta this gun can mount the combination laser, light, and bayonet!

Anyways more posts as I find them and pretend I’m some kind of journalist.