Say Hello to the Dumb Gun

Here’s a bad idea in motion. It’s a $10,000 .22 “smart” gun. The principal is simple, the gun only fires when it’s close enough to a watch that the owner would need to wear.

Of course one would inquire about the usefulness of a gun that fails to function because the battery in a watch died. Furthermore the designers put a nice bright LED on the guns that is green when the gun is activated and red when it’s not. Of course in the middle of the night when you don’t want to give away your position you’re rather fucked. Speaking of the night what happens if somebody breaks into your home and you have to act fast? Grab the watch, throw it on, and fire?

This gun looks like failure incarnate.

2 thoughts on “Say Hello to the Dumb Gun”

  1. This will be the next thing the anti’s push for. Knowing that the average Joe won’t pay $10,000 for a gun!

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