Why I Prefer Common Guns

Many people prefer esoteric guns. These people like having unique guns for various reasons, myself included. For instance I have a SPAS-12 which is kind of a rare breed. It’s fun and a blast to bring out to the range because it’s a very good conversation starter. But when it breaks finding parts and information is almost impossible. Right now it won’t feed shells out of the tube and the gas ring is defunct. Thankfully I found out the same gas ring used on Remington 11-87 shotguns will work on the SPAS-12 but the other problem is harder to diagnose and finding parts is a problem.

This is why I primarily like having common guns. For instance if a part breaks on my Glock I can easily find a replacement. The same goes for my AR-15 and AK-47. To top it off not only can I easily find parts but I can parts for a reasonable price.

Anyways my advice is if you only have a few guns and don’t plan on expanding your collection much further make sure you have some common guns. Sure that fancy SPAS-12 looks cool but you aren’t going to be able to walk into your local gun store and get a replacement part should you need one.