One Handgun, One Shotgun, and One Rifle

The Firing Pin Journal has a post where you select one pistol, one rifle, and one shotgun for self defense. So I figured what the Hell I might as well play along.

My Glock 30SF. I carry it on my person every day, it’s proven itself to be reliable, and it shoots a .45 which I’m just a fan of. Also parts for Glocks are easy to find and the gun is easy to work on. Heck you can detail strip it in the field without any issue.

My Remington 870 Marine Magnum. It’s a pump action shotgun that is one of the most popular in the world (The 870 line itself not the Marine Magnum line). It has an 18″ barrel making it maneuverable and a large magazine capacity meaning you don’t have to jam shells into the tube as often. To top it off it’s idiot proof. Oh and like the Glock parts are easy to come by which I just kind of like.

This is a harder one. It’s a toss up between my beloved M1A SOCOM 16 and the AK-47. In the end I’ll chose the AK-47 because this is for self defense and honestly 7.62x39mm is plenty enough to drop a person. To top that off the AK-47 is world renowned for reliability, parts and ammo are easy to find, and frankly it’s idiot proof.