Scorched Earth

Mississippi style. A lesbian girl wanted to bring her girlfriend to prom. The Itawamba County Agricultural High School said Hell no (And muttered something about being afraid of catching the gay cooties). Well the student decided to call in the ACLU who eventually told the school yes she’s going. The school’s official response was to cancel the prom.

Talk about taking your ball and going home.

One thought on “Scorched Earth”

  1. Wow. That’s just wrong.
    That reminds me of a local event over here. The dean of Gig Harbor High school had suspended two girls for “public display of affection” when they were caught on camera.
    Of course, only the “icky gays” were suspended, but the straight couples got no more than warnings (even when caught during intercourse!)

    The faculty member, who should have been fired, was “transferred” to an office in the superintendancy.
    Emotionally scar a child, get a promotion?

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