Dear Microsoft Please Copy Good Features And Ignore Bad Ones

I mentioned earlier this week that Microsoft was eliminating multi-tasking from Windows Phone 7 Series Ultimate Extreme Wordy Name That Makes No Sense. Well the guys over at Engadget have audio recorded proof of no multi-tasking and better yet no copy and paste. It seems Microsoft’s whole idea behind their new phone operating system with a horrible name was to copy everything bad Apple did with the iPhone.

I know I’m a niche users in that I want a phone that allows me to listen to music, download a file from a website, have an open SSH connection to another system, and have an application monitoring wireless traffic but come on. Now Microsoft will allow their own software to multi-task on the device much like Apple allows their included software to multi-task. But lowly third party developers will not be granted such permission from Microsoft.

When did people decide that their smartphones need to be less powerful? Even my Palm Treo 755p can do some basic multi-tasking and Palm OS isn’t even officially capable of multi-tasking. But that’s fine with me since Palm OS was developed back in the day when multi-tasking wasn’t feasible due to the lack of power in handheld devices (The first Palm Pilot had a 16Mhz processor and 128 KB of RAM which was used to both run applications and store them). But phones today have plenty of power on board. WebOS shows multi-tasking on a phone isn’t difficult nor impossible. Android can multi-task as can a Blackberry. We should be looking for more power and functionality in our devices not less.

Also is copy and paste really that difficult? Seriously my Palm OS based PDAs could do that! Even the iPhone can do it now. There are plenty of times where I want to copy an exert from a web page and paste it into a document elsewhere.

Why is it these new fancy phones have less capabilities than my phone released almost three years ago that is based on an operating system (Palm OS 5) released almost eight years ago?