New MacBook Pros Released

Well in one fell swoop my laptop went from top of the line super computer to… wait a minute my laptop was never the top of the line model. Anyways Apple has released new models of their MacBook Pro series of laptops. The main changes are new processors (Intel i5 and i7), new graphics cards (nVidia GeForce with better power management), and tout better battery life.

Overall it doesn’t look like any external changes were made (obviously no easily swappable battery because Steve Jobs hates seams). Hopefully they get the hard drive performance corrected in the new models (that’s the only but rather annoying issue I’ve had with mine).

I continue this love hate relationship with Apple. Seriously I really like their computers and the old iPod hasn’t failed me yet. It’s just everything else they make seems to be an adventure into locking people into their platform as tightly as possible while giving both users and developers roughly the same freedom as a dictatorship.

Update 2010-04-13 10:26: I missed a rather major feature that has been thrown in. On the 15″ MacBook Pros you now have the option of getting a higher resolution screen (1680×1050 instead of 1440×900). I’m always looking for more screen real estate (I seriously never close any application I have running which means I like lots of RAM and lots of screen space). It’s not worth the cost of getting a new laptop for me but it’s worth the extra $100.00 if you’re buying a new laptop.