Another School Attack in China

Seriously what the fuck is going on over there? This is the fourth school attack in that country this month. This time a man used a hammer to beat down five kids. But according to the anti-gunners if we ban guns from schools no more mass attacks will happen (a China proved yesterday when 28 kids and three adults were stabbed by a man with a knife, which are illegal to carry around in China).

3 thoughts on “Another School Attack in China”

  1. 1. More knives are not the answer to knife violence.
    2. More hammers are not the answer to hammer violence.

    Those places probably didn’t have signs up announcing that knives and hammers are banned for your safety.

    1. Oh crap that’s right they didn’t have signs. We need more signage that will certainly stop these kinds of attacks. Everybody knows a homicidal maniac has no problem killing people but will turn away at the correct signage.

      We should fly to China and let them know this.

  2. I say send Paul Helmke, Dennis Hennigan, Josh Sugarmann and their friends. Maybe the Triad or something could “educate” them on “crime control”, or at least we could “close” the “terror gap” behind them.

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