Next Verion of WebOS Coming Soon

Well according to an e-mail I received today a new version of WebOS is probably on the horizion:

The next version of webOS is coming soon.

You will receive an email alert in early May announcing the availability of an SDK release candidate. Please be prepared to begin testing your apps right away.

Because the scope of the changes in this update is limited, we won’t be going through a full SDK beta cycle:

You will have approximately one week to report show-stopper bugs in webOS before it is released to carriers.

Once the build has been released to carriers, you will have another 2-3 weeks to address app-level bugs before the update lands on consumer devices.

It is especially important to test PDK apps against this release candidate. Developers of non-PDK apps should also test their apps to catch any unanticipated issues.

I wonder if it will have HP’s branding on it by then.