Ubuntu 10.04

So the new version of Ubuntu was released a short while ago. It’s now at version 10.04 also called ludicrous lackey or something like that. Anyways I’m already fighting with it inside the confines of a virtual machine. Here’s a very quick bullet point of what I noticed:

  • The new theme is ugly as sin
  • Now that the window control buttons have been moved to the left side (think Mac OS) the left side of the window feels cluttered (window controls plus the menu bar on the same side)
  • The problem of installing Eclipse from Ubuntu’s software repositories not including several update URLs inside of Eclipse hasn’t been fixed

More to come as I experience it.

4 thoughts on “Ubuntu 10.04”

  1. 1. You can change the look and feel there are several themes available.

    2. Never had an issue with Eclipsed not working from the repro, at least with 9.10 That sucks.

    1. I know the themes can be changed by the default one, the first impression given to new users, is ugly. I really preferred the previous default theme myself. I guess I’m not much for bland green.

      Well the Eclipse issue is easy to replicate. Install Eclipse through the software repository and then open it. Once opened add the PyDev update site URL to the Install Software sites and try to install PyDev. That’s when I started getting errors about missing features that are usually included with a default installation of Eclipse.

      But yes unlike 9.10 at least Eclipse installs and runs under 10.04.

      1. First of all I would like you to look in the mirror and consider what first impression your face gives users out of the box. This could be an case of pot calling the kettle black. Sure you can change with with expensive plastic surgery, or a super sweet fedora, but it is what it is.

        Secondly PyDev won’t work with any of the new versions of eclipse I’ve tried. I had to back level my version of eclipse to Europa to get it to work, and that is in windows.

        1. The difference between my face and Ubuntu’s interface is one can easily be changed (Ubuntu) and the other has no hope for improvement (my ugly mug).

          Also I have PyDev running in the latest version of Eclipse without any problem (except the above mentioned stuff).

          All I did was enter the new PyDev update URL into Eclipse and tell it to download and install the packages.

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