Everybody Draw Mohammad Day After Shocks

I’m sure most of you who read gun blogs realize that yesterday was Everybody Draw Mohammad Day. The idea was to spit in the fact of censorship by committing sacrilege. A lot of funny and well done drawings were produced. Obviously I didn’t partake in the day’s festivities because I’m incredibly lazy.

But now we have the day after and the person who is credited with the idea, Molly Norris, is apologizing profusely. She’s pretty much doing everything she can to separate herself from the idea she sparked via her cartoon.

So what are some of the after shocks from the event? Well Pakistan went and blocked Facebook and YouTube because they were hosting images and videos for the day’s events. Threats are being made by extremists and one cartoonist is trying to back peddle in an effort to avoid possible attack against her person.

Censorship is dangerous stuff.

One thought on “Everybody Draw Mohammad Day After Shocks”

  1. Why draw MO when a good picture of him, in his role as Mecca’s town drunk is on the back cover of a book. Here is the story.

    Most people do not know that Mohammad’s main occupation was that of a pimp. That is at least how a new satire characterizes the so-called Prophet. There is an American book that makes the Danish cartoons look kindergardenish and is openly and publicly sold by Amazon.com with no court contests, problems or protests, as of now.

    “How Fatima Started Islam: Mohammad’s Daughter Tells It All” by an American author who uses the name Noor Barack depicts Mohammad as a urine-soaked, drunken, cowardly fool who is always too drunk and incompetent to even run his business ‘Mohammad’s Saloon & Brothel’ well. His intelligent daughter Fatima, who is desperate to escape from the whorehouse and continuously servicing tricks, concocts the religion as an avenue of escape. To control and manipulate the old fool she only has to keep him supplied with booze, young girls, young boys, and camels.

    The book seems popular right now only among US military personnel but many orthodox Islamists will be extremely displeased when the alleged blasphemy and mocking of Islam becomes well known.

    I cannot see this story not exploding once some of the ‘Behead those who insult Islam’ crowd get the message.


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