Tornado Destruction

So we had some harsh weather here in Minnesota last night. In fact said harsh weather canceled the USPSA match. Wadena and Albert Lea didn’t have a fun night as their towns were messed up by tornadoes. Three people were killed by Mother Nature and 20 others were treated for mostly minor injuries.

Thankfully Governor Pawlenty is taking time off from his job his presidential campaign to size up the damage. Hey he still might not be doing his job but at least he’s in the state which is a huge improvement.

2 thoughts on “Tornado Destruction”

  1. Wadena is where my family is from. I still have a few relatives up there, visit when I can and my folks went up for the all school reunion this week end.
    Is a sad thing what has happen but those folks are tough and resilant. They’ll bounce back!

    1. Most certainly. One thing about Minnesotan, we’re used to dealing with shitty weather.

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