So Much for Apple Being the Most Secure

Apple zealots always tout the “inherit security” of Mac OS 10. These mindless drones claim Apple’s operating system is the most secure in the world because it’s built on UNIX (even though they don’t actually know what UNIX is, nor FreeBSD which OS X is built upon). Well Secunia has released a report of the top 10 most vulnerable software vendors [PDF]. Guess who’s on top… Apple!

Of course this is not in regards to their operating system but software they release for Windows. Yup their Safari browser and iTunes media player really raped their rating because frankly it’s got enough holes to fly a squadron of fighter jets through. This is why I don’t use Safari (and why I use extensions in Firefox like NoScript and Certificate Patrol) on either Windows or Mac OS (Safari is a popular favorite at the Pwn2Own contest when attacking the Mac platform).

I want to note I’m surprised Adobe wasn’t higher on the list with all the recent problems they’ve had with Flash and Reader.