It’s a Good Idea, It’ll Never Pass

Here’s an interesting bill presented to the Senate. I posted previously about how many states are making it illegal to video tape police officers while they’re on duty. Well H. Con. Res. 298 seems to be a desire to establish a law barring federal and state governments from making it illegal for a citizen to record an on-duty police officer:

(3) members of the public have a right to observe, and if they choose, to make video or sound recordings of the police during the discharge of their public duties, as long as they do not physically or otherwise interfere with the officers’ discharge of their duties, or violate any other State or Federal law, intended to protect the safety of police officers, in the process of the recording.

It makes sense and therefore probably doesn’t have a chance in Hell of passing. After all it will go against national security… according to the abusive police.