Here I’ll Save You Evo 4G Owners Some Money

Let’s say you purchased an Evo 4G and decided you wanted a spare battery because the phone drinks fuel like a Ford F350. If you go to the Sprint store they want roughly $40.00 for it and that’s only if they have it in stock. Yes just finding a spare Evo 4G battery in stock is like pulling teeth. So what do you do? You buy a spare battery for the HTC Touch Pro 2.

The battery in the Evo 4G has the model number RHOD160. It’s the same 1500 mAh battery that HTC used in a few other phones including the Touch Pro 2, CDMA Hero, and the Snap S511. The only difference is the OEM battery included with the Evo 4G has a red case on it instead of a black one. Since the battery cover hides the battery I’m more than willing to live with the fact that my battery is the “wrong” color when I’m saving $29.00. Yes the exact same battery can be had, brand new, for $11.00 plus shipping.

I ordered one and have it running in my Evo 4G right now. And it’s a good thing I did because when I pulled out the OEM battery I noticed it’s swelling which means it’s probably getting ready to go boom. That’s the other lesson today, check the batteries on your electronic devices for bulges and swelling periodically. For lithium-ion batteries that’s an indicator that somebody really bad is likely to happen in the near future.