Why the 9mm is Inadequate

How’s that for an inflammatory post title? Sorry to disappoint but the title has nothing to do with the post, I’m just an ass.

The Firearms Blog linked to a story which involved a man who was shot 21 times and survived:

More than 50 bullets were fired, almost all of them by the police. At least 21 of those bullets pierced Alvarez’s body.

Luckily for Alvarez — whose criminal record includes at least eight prior arrests — none of the bullets hit his brain, heart or major arteries.

This story really brings up why emphasis needs to be placed on shot placement. Yes the human body can survive 21 gunshot wounds depending on where those shots hit. It doesn’t matter what caliber you’re using if you don’t hit something critical you’re not going to stop the threat in a timely fashion and you’ll be putting your life in prolonged danger. Aim the gun and practice shooting center of mass.