Nut Jobs

So we had a crazy person take hostages at the headquarters for the Discovery Channel which ended in him getting blown up and everybody else thankfully uninjured. The left is calling this man a right-wing extremist and the right are calling him a left-wing extremist. I have to agree with Robb Allen and stick with simply calling the man plain all crazy:

Sometimes, crazy is just crazy. It’s a cheap and easy ‘point for your team’ to be able to point out that someone on the other side is a few fries short of a Happy Meal, but it’s not necessarily true. Sure, this Darwin Award Winner espoused radical views that find a better home on the left, but to insist that the left ‘claim him as one of their own’ makes as much sense as saying those on the right are equally responsible for McVeigh.

Some people are just off their rocker and it’s a non-partisan issue. The guy just happened to focus his crazy into eco-centric lunacy instead of revenge for Waco.